The Bane of Faerun

Round 8
Highlights from Round 8
  • Round 8 began with with daring and intrigue as Arianastaria was robbed while meditating for the night. Arianastaria chased the thief, although without her staff or ritual books (which the thief had acquired), she was only able to punch the thief as she caught up to him.
  • After several rounds of running and punching, Arianastaria was able to recover the thief’s pack which contained her books. After a brief tussle, Arianastaria also recovered her staff, but the thief managed to get away with some of her gold.
  • The next morning, the group set off for the Duke’s residence to further investigate the closet and the room hidden therein. After debating the best method of entry, it was decided that Lo Kag and MiaLee would provide a distraction so that the others could simply enter the front door.
  • After picking the lock, the Duke’s butler immediately challenged their presence. Riskant attempted to convince the butler that they were there at the request of the Duke, however the bluff was easily dismissed.
  • Having failed at a peaceable solution and not wanting to do irreparable harm to an innocent, Riskant charged the butler and performed the ancient ‘sciopero testicolo’ punch, which instantly incapacitates a male victim.
  • After ensuring that no further harm would come to the butler, Riskant, Arianastaria, Rhys Grüber, and Valara continued to the Duke’s room where the closet portal was hidden.
  • After entering the room, the group found a large crystal in the center of the room. Valara and Arianastaria attempted to dispel the magic that sustained the crystal, but were unable to do so. In the process, the center crystal seemed to absorb energy from the prisoners in the crystals lining the room and discharge into those that had entered the room.
  • Once the crystal had fired, a Red Dragon entered the room and engaged the group.
  • During the combat, Rhys Grüber fell, mortally wounded. However, thanks to the quick thinking and efforts of Valara, Rhys Grüber was able to rise once again.
  • With only his pride hurt, Rhys Grüber proceeded to thrash the dragon, striking tender locations on it’s formidable hide until it finally succumbed to his brutal onslaught.
Round 7
Highlights from Round 7
  • Round 7 finds the group entering a room filled with the same skittering bugs they encountered in Round 5. The group, however, made short work of the bugs and returned to the surface.
  • It was determined that the group would continue on to Bauldur’s Gate to restock and continue their mission to discover why trade had been cut off to the outlying cities.
  • After restocking on equipment, the group began searching the town for information that could explain the current situation.
  • Riskant developed a contact within the Parliment while the rest of the group spoke to local barkeeps to assess the situation in the town.
  • Word around town was that there was a new sect in town calling themselves the Church of the Last Hope and that they were steadily growing in number through the promise of happiness to its followers. A conneciton was also made between the arrival of the sect and the foul weather blanketing Bauldur’s Gate recently.
  • It was also determined that the Duke himself was responsible for presenting the motion to cut off trade from the outlying cities.
  • After regrouping and comparing notes, the group decided to investigate the actual church of this new sect and discovered that members of the sect wear an obsidian key around their necks.
  • Much distraction and trickery was employed to enable the group to liberate one such key from one of the guards at the church. It was then determined that the key is connected to the symbol of Bane.
  • The following day, Riskant returned to the Parliment to see if he could determine a link between the Duke and this new sect, however the Duke did not have such a key around his neck.
  • After searching the Duke’s house for further evidence, a hidden door was found that contained a room filled with purple-ish crystals that contained people and a loud voice inquiring “What do you want?” Replying that he had the wrong room and was looking for the bathroom, Riskant returned to the group to inform them of what he had seen.
Round 6
Highlights from Round 6
  • Round 6 began after the group passed through the Dragon’s Belly and broke the hinges on the door at the end of the hall.
  • Upon entering the room, Rhys Grüber was set upon by a gelatinous goo that enveloped him. He was, typically, able to extricate himself without incident.
  • After debating the most effective method for disposing of the goo, the best solution turned out to be simply beating it down.
  • Once the goo was disposed of, Arianastaria and Riskant set about disabling a drowning trap so that the group could continue on.
  • Once the trap was disabled, Lo Kag smashed open the door and revealed the Magma Elemental on the other side.
  • The group set about retreating back into the previous room in an attempt to trap the elemental in the drowning trap that had just been disabled.
  • Once the group was safe, the trap was re-enabled and sprung on the elemental. Unfortunately, the elemental was able to destroy the trap and continued pursuing the group.
  • Again, the group resorted to the ‘beat-down’ technique to dispose of the Magma Elemental with Riskant scoring the killing blow.
  • It was then discovered that the elemental had been protecting the Sword of Torm (which is actually more of a falchion than a sword).
Round 5
Highlights from Round 5:
  • Following the defeat of the dragon, the adventurers discover that they had interrupted the orcs that had been digging a tunnel under one of the froze homes.
  • The group completed the dig and found themselves at the mouth of a cavern that was populated by skittering reptile/bugs.
  • Upon defeating the bugs, the Halfling decided to go on an exploration of one of their tunnels. Ten minutes later he returned empty handed.
  • Continuing to explore the cavern, the group was faced with an old Dwarvish floor puzzle. Despite the combined intelligence of the group, the puzzle proved too complex and the adventurers continued on their merry way.
  • Right into the Dragon’s Belly trap.
  • After tossing the Halfling across yet another Dwarvish floor puzzle to investigate the door on the opposite side of the room, the adventurers found themselves clinging to anything they could grasp to avoid the business end of a the Dragon’s Belly.
  • After unhinging the door, the group was able to pass through the Dragon’s Belly and prepare to face their next challenge.
Round 4
Highlights from Round 4:
  • During the night before meeting with Lady Moonfire, hooded men entered the rooms of Arianastaria and Riskant. Both groups met with a sudden and violent fate.
  • The following morning, the adventurers met with Lady Moonfire and her council. The group was told about the current situation regarding the recent rise of Bane-ism in the region and was asked to investigate reports of a town shrouded in ice as well as the current situation in the cities along the Sword Coast.
  • A special request was made to collect the scales of any dragons that might be encountered along the way so that Megana Nistral would be able to build a special piece of armor.
  • Upon arriving at the city shrouded in ice, the adventurers encountered a host of orcs and a poison dragon.
  • Lo Kag made good use of his sheer physical size and bottled up the majority of the orcs while Rhys Grüber and MiaLee handled the dragon. It should be noted that it appeared as though Rhys Grüber was giggling as the dragon missed repeated attacks. MiaLee, however, appeared to be covered in an indescribable substance as she fired arrow after arrow into the dragon’s hind-quarters.
  • After dispatching the orcs, the adventurers all turned their attention to the dragon that was badly wounded by this point. Sensing his imminent demise, the dragon attempted to flee only to be brought down by a javelin hurled by Lo Kag.
  • The adventurers were able to recover a single scale from the dragon.
Round 3

Highlights from Round 3:

  • While recovering from the battle with the goblins in the pit, the adventurers are surprised twice by goblin patrols, both of which were easily dispensed (primarily by the efforts of Lo Kag).
  • Deciding to carry on and descend deeper into the goblin cave, the adventurers discover a curious rock in the center of a room. After a close and detailed inspection the adventurers determine that the rock is, in fact, a table.
  • Descending further, the adventurers find the end of the cave where a shaman is tending the crypt of the Goblin King.
  • After Riskant’s negotiations fail, battle is joined with the shaman and the group manages to bring him down.
  • A mace crafted from a horned humanoid skull is retrieved from the crypt of the Goblin King and brought back to Loudwater. Interestingly, it appears that one of the horns is missing from the skull.
  • Upon returning to Loudwater, the adventurers are introduced to the town mayor by Curuvar The Brazen
  • The next adventure begins at breakfast with the Mayor.
Round 2

Highlights from Round 2:

  • The adventurers set off on Curuvar’s quest and did battle with the goblin horde.
  • After securing the first section of the goblin cave behind the waterfall, a sealed room was found in the back of the cave.
  • While investigating the room, Lo Kag fell through a concealed trap into a room below.
  • The other adventurers came quickly to assist and after a fierce battle the goblins lay defeated.
Round 1

Highlights from Round 1:

  • The goblins launched a surprise attack on the town of Loudwater.
  • Six adventurers fended off the goblin assault.
  • Without alerting the rest of the town’s defenders, Riskant managed to recover the Horn Totem Dagger during the fight and conceal it under his cloak.
  • Following the battle, Gaewen of ‘Gaewen’s Curiosities’ alerted the adventurers that the goblins had specifically targeted the dagger.
  • Curuvar The Brazen met the adventurers in the tavern and solicited them to quest into the forest to recover an item from the goblins.

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