The Bane of Faerun

Round 3

Highlights from Round 3:

  • While recovering from the battle with the goblins in the pit, the adventurers are surprised twice by goblin patrols, both of which were easily dispensed (primarily by the efforts of Lo Kag).
  • Deciding to carry on and descend deeper into the goblin cave, the adventurers discover a curious rock in the center of a room. After a close and detailed inspection the adventurers determine that the rock is, in fact, a table.
  • Descending further, the adventurers find the end of the cave where a shaman is tending the crypt of the Goblin King.
  • After Riskant’s negotiations fail, battle is joined with the shaman and the group manages to bring him down.
  • A mace crafted from a horned humanoid skull is retrieved from the crypt of the Goblin King and brought back to Loudwater. Interestingly, it appears that one of the horns is missing from the skull.
  • Upon returning to Loudwater, the adventurers are introduced to the town mayor by Curuvar The Brazen
  • The next adventure begins at breakfast with the Mayor.



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