The Bane of Faerun

Round 4

Highlights from Round 4:
  • During the night before meeting with Lady Moonfire, hooded men entered the rooms of Arianastaria and Riskant. Both groups met with a sudden and violent fate.
  • The following morning, the adventurers met with Lady Moonfire and her council. The group was told about the current situation regarding the recent rise of Bane-ism in the region and was asked to investigate reports of a town shrouded in ice as well as the current situation in the cities along the Sword Coast.
  • A special request was made to collect the scales of any dragons that might be encountered along the way so that Megana Nistral would be able to build a special piece of armor.
  • Upon arriving at the city shrouded in ice, the adventurers encountered a host of orcs and a poison dragon.
  • Lo Kag made good use of his sheer physical size and bottled up the majority of the orcs while Rhys Grüber and MiaLee handled the dragon. It should be noted that it appeared as though Rhys Grüber was giggling as the dragon missed repeated attacks. MiaLee, however, appeared to be covered in an indescribable substance as she fired arrow after arrow into the dragon’s hind-quarters.
  • After dispatching the orcs, the adventurers all turned their attention to the dragon that was badly wounded by this point. Sensing his imminent demise, the dragon attempted to flee only to be brought down by a javelin hurled by Lo Kag.
  • The adventurers were able to recover a single scale from the dragon.


Poor baby dragon

Round 4

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