The Bane of Faerun

Round 5

Highlights from Round 5:
  • Following the defeat of the dragon, the adventurers discover that they had interrupted the orcs that had been digging a tunnel under one of the froze homes.
  • The group completed the dig and found themselves at the mouth of a cavern that was populated by skittering reptile/bugs.
  • Upon defeating the bugs, the Halfling decided to go on an exploration of one of their tunnels. Ten minutes later he returned empty handed.
  • Continuing to explore the cavern, the group was faced with an old Dwarvish floor puzzle. Despite the combined intelligence of the group, the puzzle proved too complex and the adventurers continued on their merry way.
  • Right into the Dragon’s Belly trap.
  • After tossing the Halfling across yet another Dwarvish floor puzzle to investigate the door on the opposite side of the room, the adventurers found themselves clinging to anything they could grasp to avoid the business end of a the Dragon’s Belly.
  • After unhinging the door, the group was able to pass through the Dragon’s Belly and prepare to face their next challenge.



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