The Bane of Faerun

Round 7

Highlights from Round 7
  • Round 7 finds the group entering a room filled with the same skittering bugs they encountered in Round 5. The group, however, made short work of the bugs and returned to the surface.
  • It was determined that the group would continue on to Bauldur’s Gate to restock and continue their mission to discover why trade had been cut off to the outlying cities.
  • After restocking on equipment, the group began searching the town for information that could explain the current situation.
  • Riskant developed a contact within the Parliment while the rest of the group spoke to local barkeeps to assess the situation in the town.
  • Word around town was that there was a new sect in town calling themselves the Church of the Last Hope and that they were steadily growing in number through the promise of happiness to its followers. A conneciton was also made between the arrival of the sect and the foul weather blanketing Bauldur’s Gate recently.
  • It was also determined that the Duke himself was responsible for presenting the motion to cut off trade from the outlying cities.
  • After regrouping and comparing notes, the group decided to investigate the actual church of this new sect and discovered that members of the sect wear an obsidian key around their necks.
  • Much distraction and trickery was employed to enable the group to liberate one such key from one of the guards at the church. It was then determined that the key is connected to the symbol of Bane.
  • The following day, Riskant returned to the Parliment to see if he could determine a link between the Duke and this new sect, however the Duke did not have such a key around his neck.
  • After searching the Duke’s house for further evidence, a hidden door was found that contained a room filled with purple-ish crystals that contained people and a loud voice inquiring “What do you want?” Replying that he had the wrong room and was looking for the bathroom, Riskant returned to the group to inform them of what he had seen.



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