The Bane of Faerun

Round 8

Highlights from Round 8
  • Round 8 began with with daring and intrigue as Arianastaria was robbed while meditating for the night. Arianastaria chased the thief, although without her staff or ritual books (which the thief had acquired), she was only able to punch the thief as she caught up to him.
  • After several rounds of running and punching, Arianastaria was able to recover the thief’s pack which contained her books. After a brief tussle, Arianastaria also recovered her staff, but the thief managed to get away with some of her gold.
  • The next morning, the group set off for the Duke’s residence to further investigate the closet and the room hidden therein. After debating the best method of entry, it was decided that Lo Kag and MiaLee would provide a distraction so that the others could simply enter the front door.
  • After picking the lock, the Duke’s butler immediately challenged their presence. Riskant attempted to convince the butler that they were there at the request of the Duke, however the bluff was easily dismissed.
  • Having failed at a peaceable solution and not wanting to do irreparable harm to an innocent, Riskant charged the butler and performed the ancient ‘sciopero testicolo’ punch, which instantly incapacitates a male victim.
  • After ensuring that no further harm would come to the butler, Riskant, Arianastaria, Rhys Grüber, and Valara continued to the Duke’s room where the closet portal was hidden.
  • After entering the room, the group found a large crystal in the center of the room. Valara and Arianastaria attempted to dispel the magic that sustained the crystal, but were unable to do so. In the process, the center crystal seemed to absorb energy from the prisoners in the crystals lining the room and discharge into those that had entered the room.
  • Once the crystal had fired, a Red Dragon entered the room and engaged the group.
  • During the combat, Rhys Grüber fell, mortally wounded. However, thanks to the quick thinking and efforts of Valara, Rhys Grüber was able to rise once again.
  • With only his pride hurt, Rhys Grüber proceeded to thrash the dragon, striking tender locations on it’s formidable hide until it finally succumbed to his brutal onslaught.



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