Rhys Grüber

Shielding Swordmage



Age: 28

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 190

Alignment: Good

Background: Cormyr

Languages known: Common, Primordial

  • Intelligent Blademaster
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Focused Expertise (longsword)

From the forest kingdom of Cormyr, in the capital city of Suzail, Rhys grew up in the midst of nobles and merchants. Having grown up a Grüber, Rhys had been given everything from the day he was born. The Grübers were a noble family, having acquired their wealth from owning a piece of the trading industry, a trading industry which specialized in equipping the king’s soldiers of the legendary Purple Dragon. As a result of this status, from a young age Rhys was provided the best training by the most experienced teachers in the kingdom of Cormyr. Selected as the best in his class, Rhys was a shoe-in for captain of his division. He was a reliable soldier and his exceptional use in magic and blade made him the finest Swordmage in the land, next to the Genasi of course, who were natural in their mastery of the elemental arts. However, being raised in the city and having had his life already laid out for him, Rhys always had a natural curiosity for the wonders of the outside world. He had a desire to explore the world and to unlock the secrets and treasures that had long gone undiscovered. Regardless of his steadfast loyalty to the king and to his family, the desire for exploration had always burned within him.

Then, in the year of 1477 DR, a tragedy happened that would devastate the Grübers for generations. Due to an unfortunate incident involving a ruthless escapee from Wheloon, Rhys’ father was framed for unforgivable acts against the king. While the details are unknown, the resulting disgrace upon his family forced Rhys to flee the Purple Dragon for fear that his father’s tainted reputation would ultimately cause his own death. Rhys’ family was also pressed into hiding, escaping to the nearby water-receding shores of Marsember. Knowing that he could never return to his ranks, Rhys took this unfortunate opportunity to leave his homeland and make his claim out in the world of Faerun. Determined to one day return to his family and purge his father’s disgrace, Rhys continued his exploration of the world, destined for riches that would help the ones he loves and for the knowledge that plagued his curiosity.

Roughly two year later, Rhys’ travels have brought him to the quiet town of Loudwater. Much wiser in the ways of world, Rhys is still searching for the treasures that will help support his family and one day restore their status to what it once was. If only something could point him in the right direction…

Rhys Grüber

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