Common Knowledge

World Name : Turil Continent :Faerun

the year is 1479 DR

100 years after the great Spell Plauge which changed the world

the Spell Plauge was the murder of the God Mystra ( the mother of Magic) after her death caused a great blue flame to engulfed the world in a blue flame disconnecting it from arcane magic. this caused portals to stop working over a third of the wizard population lost its ability to use magic and died or went mad. Some places no longer respond to magic and has had dangerous effects on magic users, others are filled with wild magic that has mutated monsters and men .

A whole new continent has risen Eladrin have returned to world the ancient empire of Netheril has been restored and is ruled by the 12 princes of Shade. They are a huge threat and major player to the world

When it comes to creating a story a character it’s up to you how much you want to reveal about them like motives, age, origin and background. It can also be helpful if your character knows another character in the group so that they have a reason to stick together. But when this story begins you will all be arriving in the town of Loudwater on the western side of the continent. Why your there is up to you.

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Common Knowledge

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