This campaign begins in the town of Loudwater on the continent of Faerun. The year is 1479DR the Era of Upheaval. It is hear our adventurers have already protected the trading commerce that is Loudwater and from there have already been sent on adventure to retrieve an item from the Goblin’s who protect the body dead ogre king. From here the story begins and takes us into a journey of heros, villains and the occasional comic mischief.

“such as fishing in the town fountain, or cooking and eating a freshly killed goblin.” andy

“and walking straight through the center of a room only to fall through the poorly concealed hole in the floor and into the center of a goblin-filled room.” Ben

“and getting repeatedly hit by the mage’s magic missiles” andy

“are we not updating this page any more??” andy

The Bane of Faerun

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